What Is An Electronic Library(ELIB)?

Imagine a library without physical books, without shelves, without barcodes, without having to travel to the library itself. Imagine a library not needing space for inventory, not needing plenty of resources for maintenance, not needing to track Patrons for book returns, simply at Patrons' fingertips. This is what ELIB can give you.

  • Modern electronic library such as ELIB have the capability to allow restricted eBook lending period. Some of the features we provide include lending periods for Patrons, licensing system for eBook supplies from renowned publishers, analytics reporting, bandwidth and database management, as well as mobile application reading facilities.

  • Our eBooks work remotely, meaning it does not require full time Internet to read. Once a Patron borrows and download, the Patron can read the eBook offline.

  • Our eBooks are small in size, and supports EPUB, PDF, HTML and audio (soon). It is designed not only to be lightweight, but also responsive to device screen size, and compliance to interactive elements.

ELIB: Digital Library EBook Lending Service

Public Library

Solution to serve small and big public libraries. Provides proprietary user ship analytics as well integration with GA. Public library ELIB solution can be integrated with Library inventory systems, and other application program interfaces that the library uses in order to manage Patrons and ebook inventory. Caters for all genre and languange ebooks (main languages - Roman, Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, Korean, Japanese) ebooks. Encryption DRM is also a service made available for library's own copyrighted contents.

Higher Learning Library

Colleges and Universities that wish to have their own digital library that hosts internal and external thesis and journals in PDF and EPUB. ELIB for higher learning also provides paperless campus approach by preparing a medium for library to allow ebook lend and term subscription for digital textbooks. Prepares a range of academic and general ebook titles suitable for higher learning usage.

School Library

School ELIB comes in many sizes to fit requirement of schools. It is the most realistic digital education offering namely for schools lacking Internet connection at school. School ELIB comes with a comprehensive user ship analytics to monitor student's performance and reading habits without intrusion. School ELIB is the best investment to nurture reading culture for the digital native generation.

Analytics for ebook inventory, titles borrowed, titles reserved, highest borrowed list, highest borrowing users, user library inventory, user reading habits, time page read, time ebook login, number of page flip and more, are tracked and analysed through our dashboard system. Whereas for traffic report such as hits, page view, unique visitors and login activities, will be reported via an integration with Google Analytics.

How does ELIB work?

Running on cloud servers, the library is accessible via mobile applications or web, and Patrons can browse for eBook then borrow. Borrowing terms can be set at 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days. Once a Patron borrows the eBook, the eBook will stay in Patron’s eReader App for the set duration, whereby the eBook will self-delete once it expires. The eBooks are provided with metadata in Onix 3.0 format which can also be integrated with library's preferred inventory system like KOHA, as well as providing Patron's usage report via an analytics dashboard.

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The system prepares a catalogue for Libraries to make rent eBooks to Patrons. Whilst the system is a one-off purchase, the eBooks will vary based on publisher’s preferred method of selling the eBook rights to library for lending purposes. Here are some of the methods:
• 3 years rights
• Perpetual
Once the contents are on server, the eBook is available for Patrons to choose and download. When they download they can then read offline using their own devices remotely from anywhere.


ELIB prepares a robust DRM system that is certified and recognised by many renown publishers around the world. ELIB provide ebook titles in many licensing models, depending on requirements. Some models practiced are; perpetual, non-perpetual, concurrent licensing, non-concurrent licensing, yearly package subscription and HC-26.

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Files are made on offering via XM DRM server system and is regulated by pricing of publishers. Files are sold in non-concurrent rights and for period of 3 years, and some case perpetual.

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